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Karen Bakker

Border Crossings: Professor Karen Bakker tackles transboundary issues with flair. Karen Bakker’s voice is strong and clear as she explains how, as an undergraduate student

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Kevin Freedman

25-Litre Hero: In his own home, Kevin Freedman puts global water use into perspective. Kevin Freedman is up early, taking his six a.m. sponge bath.

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Terry Rees

Common Sense Revelation: Terry Rees is helping people understand the importance of protecting freshwater resources one conversation at a time. Terry Rees’ environmental credentials match

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Brent Wootton

A Group Effort: Hard work and a good team are the keys to Brent Wootton’s success. At an early age, Brent Wootton learned the importance

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Josephine Mandamin

Foot Patrol: When it comes to her efforts to protect Canada’s Great Lakes, Josephine Mandamin walks the walk—literally. In the spring of 2012, Josephine Mandamin,

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