The Water Canada Awards recognizes people, projects, and technologies that demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the quality of the Canadian water sector.

Awards are presented in the following categories:


Drinking Water

The recipient of this award has demonstrated exceptional creativity and resourcefulness in using new technologies or pioneering approaches to establish, enhance, rehabilitate, or rejuvenate drinking water infrastructure. Their efforts have not only contributed to improving water quality and accessibility but have also promoted sustainable practices and resilience in water management.



Recognizing the critical role of wastewater management, the recipient of this award has showcased remarkable effectiveness in deploying cutting-edge technologies or innovative methodologies to construct, upgrade, rehabilitate, or refurbish wastewater infrastructure. Their commitment to excellence has significantly enhanced environmental protection and public health while advancing the goal of achieving sustainable and resilient wastewater solutions.



Highlighting the importance of stormwater management in mitigating flood risks and safeguarding water quality, the recipient of this award has demonstrated exceptional vision and ingenuity in implementing novel technologies or creative strategies to develop, enhance, rehabilitate, or restore stormwater infrastructure. Their efforts have not only strengthened community resilience and environmental sustainability but have also set a precedent for innovative stormwater management practices nationwide.



Acknowledging the imperative of preserving and restoring natural ecosystems, the recipient of this award has shown exceptional leadership and innovation in deploying new technologies or inventive approaches to manage, conserve, and rehabilitate impacted areas. Through their visionary initiatives, they have contributed significantly to the protection of biodiversity and ecological integrity while inspiring broader efforts towards sustainable water resource management and habitat restoration.



Recognizing the pivotal role of education in fostering greater understanding and engagement with water issues, the recipient of this award has shown dedication and creativity in sharing novel information and insights to enhance public awareness and support for water-related initiatives. By fostering informed decision-making and promoting community involvement, they have played a crucial role in advancing the goals of water sustainability and resilience.



Recognizing the critical link between effective governance and positive water outcomes, the recipient of this award has demonstrated outstanding leadership and influence in driving meaningful changes to policies and regulations pertaining to stormwater, wastewater, or drinking water. Their visionary initiatives have led to tangible improvements in water quality, accessibility, and resilience, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable water future for all Canadians.



Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and talent development, the recipient of this award has demonstrated leadership and innovation in implementing initiatives aimed at cultivating a more diverse and skilled workforce. Through championing mentorship programs, diversity outreach efforts, or skills development initiatives, they have enriched the sector with fresh perspectives and talents, contributing to its long-term sustainability and success.



New Tech 

Embracing invention and problem-solving, the recipient of this award has developed a pioneering solution that leverages inventive technologies to address pressing challenges or gaps in water management. Whether still in the testing phase or already making waves in the market, their product holds immense promise in revolutionizing how we monitor, treat, or manage water resources. By pushing the boundaries of technological advancement, they are shaping the future of water management and resilience in Canada and beyond.



Emerging Leader

Recognizing the importance of cultivating new talent and leadership, the recipient of this award has shown promise and dedication in their early career endeavors within the water industry. Through enthusiasm, innovation, and a willingness to learn, they have already begun to make a meaningful impact, inspiring others and contributing to the advancement of water sustainability and resilience in Canada.


Operator of the Year

Recognizing the vital role of operators in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of water systems, the recipient of this award has consistently gone above and beyond, demonstrating exceptional skill, professionalism, and a commitment to service. Through their efforts and expertise, they have played a pivotal role in safeguarding public health, maintaining critical infrastructure, and upholding the highest standards of operational excellence.


Water Steward of the Year

Recognizing the interconnectedness of water with ecological, social, and economic well-being, the recipient of this award has demonstrated leadership and advocacy in championing the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of water resources. Whether through grassroots activism, policy advocacy, or community engagement, they have made a lasting and meaningful contribution to safeguarding water quality, promoting equitable access, and fostering resilience in the face of emerging challenges.

Questions about the categories or criteria?

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Water Canada Awards formerly called Water's Next Awards

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