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Proficiency 3L Toilet

For the Proficiency 3L toilet, less really is more. It wasn’t long ago that the low-flow toilet was seen in the same skeptical light as

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Alberta WaterPortal

Alberta WaterPortal provides a one-stop shop for the province’s water data. When it comes to water, coordinating knowledge is a challenge—in Alberta alone, there are

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Living Lakes Canada

Living Lakes Canada is the newest member of an international network dedicated to protection, rehabilitation, and restoration. The world’s wetlands are our natural filtration systems,

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Enermodal Engineering

Enermodal’s green building mandate begins with its head office. With three Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification ratings (New Construction, Commercial Interiors,

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ENBALA Power Networks

ENBALA’s technology harnesses energy and opens new revenue streams for water plants. It seems impossible, but with its new smart grid development, ENBALA Power Networks

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SMART Watering Systems

SMART Watering Systems’ simple solution makes a splash with building owners and operators. The concept is simple: synchronize and monitor irrigation systems to use water

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Bob Dell

Bob Dell’s dedication to clean water is having a global impact. After a 30-year career as a water scientist at his own Dell Tech Laboratories,

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