Downstream Laurier

Downstream Laurier | April 11, 2023


If you weren’t at Downstream Laurier, here’s what you missed:

Downstream Laurier was a swimming success! 

Taking place at Wilfrid Laurier University’s new Lazaridis Institute, attendees were offered a tasty lunch and a few moments to get to know one another. After some great chatting and a cup or two of coffee, they headed off into intense 20-minute roundtable microsessions where early career professionals and students networked and connected with water industry experts to discuss various issues. 

This provided wonderful opportunities for students/early career professionals to explore future career paths in the water sector, ask questions and seek advice from those who have already ventured into their water careers while making meaningful connections that will serve them well into their careers. 

After much conversation, conferring of contact information, linking over LinkedIn, and shaking of hands, attendees headed over to Laurier’s Cold Regions Research Centre where they toured the facility, got up close and personal with a few fishy specimens, and enjoyed the remains of the day over hors d’oeuvres and a chilled beverage.

“After sending a delegation of students to the inaugural Downstream event at the 2022 Canadian Water Summit, it made perfect sense for Laurier to bring downstream to our institution. Providing students with an opportunity to gain access to industry experts from public, private, and non-profit water centric organizations allows our students to explore how their research pursuits can translate into a fulsome academic career. It also provides the industry experts invited to participate to gain insights into innovative, cutting-edge academic research that could be applicable to their sector expertise.

 It was a wonderful experience to share with over 25 Laurier students focused on water research, hydrological science, ecology, biogeochemical science, and public policy and management through an established partnership with our Laurier Institute for Water Science along with other students from neighbouring institutions in Ontario such as Western, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Waterloo, and University of Toronto.

I personally enjoyed my interactions with the students that joined me to learn about industrial, commercial, and institutional water efficiency in Canada and I look forward to seeing how this experience positively influences their career path moving forward.”

ERIC MELITON | Manager, Sustainability Office, Wilfrid Laurier University | Sponsor, Organizer, and Table Expert   

“Participating in the Downstream event allowed me to connect with the water leadership future. It was exciting to meet these leaders who will be tackling the water challenges we are unable to solve today. I look forward to continuing the conversation as they move into the workforce.” 

EMILY STAHL | Manager, Technical Services, City of Guelph | Table Expert

“Downstream is an amazing opportunity to learn from experts and meet young minds who have an excitement and curiosity about exploring things that matter. I enjoyed the relaxed and friendly ambience of this water event.” 

DARIA POPUGAEVA | Ph.D. Research Engineer, Western University | Attendee

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