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What is the purpose of the Canadian Water Summit?

The Canadian Water Summit is a first-of-its-kind conference in Canada, with a mission to help realize Canada’s potential to be a world leader in water expertise, management and technology innovation. The Canadian Water Summit was created by the Innovolve Group in 2009 to bring together business, government, NGOs and academics to further a united mission: to build a sustainable water future for Canada.

Actual Media Inc. is proud to have assumed a leadership role for the 2016 Canadian Water Summit and taken over ownership of the Canadian Water Summit in 2017. Back to top

When and where is the Canadian Water Summit?

The 8th Annual Canadian Water Summit will be held on June 22, 2017 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

For more information about the venue and the City of Toronto, visit the Plan Your Trip page.

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What is the projected attendance?

We anticipate over 250 delegates from across Canada and abroad, including leaders and experts from business, government, NGOs and academia.

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When will registration open?

Registration is now open. Please visit the Registration Page for more information.

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Will you offer special discounts on flights and hotels?

Delegates will be responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodations. We do have a discount block of rooms available at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel, which you can find more information on by going to our Plan Your Trip for details. Sign up for our newsletter and visit our website for updates for more information.

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Who is managing the Canadian Water Summit?

Actual Media Inc. is proud to present the 2017 Canadian Water Summit. Actual Media is the creative agency that publishes Water Canada and ReNew Canada magazines. Our team works on the front lines of the infrastructure, water, and environment industry sectors, helping clients advance their communication goals, promote their products, and sell their services. Actual Media is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. To view our portfolio or get more information about our services, please visit

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Are speaker opportunities available?

Yes, speaking spots are typically part of a sponsorship package. Contact Katherine Balpataky or Todd Latham.

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