We’ve Got SLIME!

We’ve Got SLIME!

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Above: L-R: Conor Wylie, Lisa Baran, Anais West, Sophia Wolfe, a rehearsal shot of SLIME, by Bryony Lavery, produced by The Only Animal. Photo by Lisa Goebel.

Canadian Water Summit is pleased to announce that it will offer a dedicated, matinee performance of SLIME, a climate change focused play that tackles the impact of humans on the “great animal orchestra.”

Commissioned by the Banff Centre, and penned by Bryony Lavery, the acclaimed British playwright of Tony-nominated, FrozenSLIME brings its audience together to face an absolute threat to life on earth—an insatiable creature taking over seas called SLIME. SLIME moves with viral force, gobbling up all available resources. Humans enabled it, but nothing can stop it. This conference is the last hope for salvation of all life forms. Except SLIME.

SLIME  will be presented by The Only Animal theatre company. The Only Animal creates immersive work that arises from a deep engagement with place. The elements are their main media: water, sand, snow and ice, and trees. They mix these media with theatrical adventurism and a love of the extreme.

Conor Wylie, in SLIME a new play by Bryony Lavery, produced by The Only Animal. Photo by Sophia Dagher.

The Only Animal’s Kendra Fanconi said, “I first met SLIME at the Playwright’s Lab in Banff as they were short an actor and I stepped in. At that point SLIME was only half-done, but I fell in love and every few months would write to Bryony and Ruth and ask if I could program it, when the Canadian rights ever became available. Bryony’s work premieres at British Theatre institutions like the National in London, and I knew it could be some time. Eventually, a need came up to bring designers in to experiment and the process of design-based dramaturgy is second-nature to The Only Animal. We became development partners, and with ongoing support through 5 years with the Banff Centre, a play was born. When they offered us the World Premiere of SLIME, we were, as the Brits say, chuffed.”

Slime Creative Team:

Directed by Kendra Fanconi (Canadian Water Summit’s Artist-In-Residence)

Written by Bryony Lavery

Dramaturgy by Ruth Little

Set, Prop and Puppet Design by Shizuka Kai

Sound Design by Nancy Tam

Lighting Design by William Hales

Animal Sound Librarian by Ira Jordison

Costume Design by April Viczko

Production Management by Colin Cooper

Performed by: Lisa Baran, Pedro Chamale, Teo Saefkow, Anais West, Eddy Van Wyk, Sophia Wolfe, and Mason Temple

Running time: 100 minutes, followed by Q&A with the artists.


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