Warren Brown

Warren Brown

Lytton First Nation ,
Manager, O+M Department

  • Husband
  • Father of two daughters
  • Grandfather (PoPo) to two Granddaughters

Served as a BC Emergency Ambulance Paramedic from 1993-2009 (16yrs)

Hired to Lytton First Nation, July 2002 to be Water Operator (16yrs)

Became EOCP certified Small Water Systems operator October 2002

Presently the Manager of Lytton First Nation O+M Department since 2016 (3rd yr)

Certified in:

Small Water Systems,

Water Distribution Lev II,

Water Treatment Lev II, and

Small Wastewater System-Lagoon, through the EOCP Environmental Operators Certification Program of BC

I reluctantly became the Manager of this department in October of 2016 after the departure of previous Manager in April of 2016. The position was vacant for six months waiting for applicants. After talking with the crew, they encouraged me to take the position. I told the crew that I will serve as the Manager until someone better comes along. It has been a learning process to say the least. I do enjoy working with the crew and all departments within LFN. Even prior to being a manager I met a lot of people and made new friends through out the years being an operator, and continue meeting and making new friends as a manager.

Even though I am the manager, I do not consider the crew I work with as ‘My employees’ just as I ask that I don’t be called their boss. We are all co-workers working for Lytton First Nation and its members.

I have really been trying to push the importance of effective communication within all departments within Lytton First Nation to ensure that we are all up to speed on projects, ideas and or situations. I enjoy working for our people, trying to ensure that their needs are met within reason or beyond expectation. This is accomplished by talking with them to see what they need done or what they would like to see done, and then try to work it in with our regular duties, or explain as to why it can’t be done. I want to do things right the first time and not have to go back to do it again. I asked my co-workers not to say ‘No’ to a members request until we can talk about it at our table to come up with possible solutions to their asking.

I have turned down raises for myself and asked that it be distributed to the crew, as I see that they are the ones doing all the work that I ask them to do. I want them to know that I do see them for the efforts they give in our department. I make sure they look good for making me look good. All projects that we do, it is put on the table for discussion and planning. We as team will go over all the pros and cons, and try to combine all our ideas to complete a project safely and efficiently.