Mark Damm

Mark Damm

Founder and CEO ,

With over twenty-five years’ experience implementing and operating complex systems for critical infrastructure providers, FuseForward Founder and CEO Mark Damm is well-versed in the delivery of intelligent IT solutions for water utilities.

Over this time, Mark has developed a deep understanding of the challenges utilities face when it came to the implementation of complex systems and was inspired to improve the process. He has combined his knowledge of the critical infrastructure sector with his technical expertise to invent two patents that outline a unique method for improving and automating the delivery of complex IT systems.

Today these patented methods support the delivery of FuseForward’s ready-made, intelligent IT environments. This method enables FuseForward to securely implement and operate complex systems five times faster than conventional approaches. This proven approach has successfully been applied to the management of complex systems across a range of critical infrastructure providers, including water utilities.

As an experienced Systems Architect, Mark is passionate about technology for the utility sector. He is a noted subject matter expert in the critical infrastructure field, regularly speaking and writing on asset management systems, cybersecurity and the industrial Internet of Things at industry and academic conferences.