Kalpna Solanki

Kalpna Solanki

Chief Executive Officer ,
Environmental Operators Certification Program

Kalpna Solanki has been CEO of the Environmental Operators Certification Program for the past four years.  She came to this role via a rather circuitous route:

  • A degree from SFU.
  • A diploma from BCIT.
  • Another degree from SFU.
  • Working for local government, SFU, and BCIT.
  • Starting and selling a couple of companies along the way.

Kalpna leads based on three principles: evolve, promote, and protect.  She is also passionate about water—drinking it and being in it (swimming and outrigger paddling)!

Kalpna also enjoys volunteering—previously, she was president of the Canadian Red Cross Lower Mainland Region, president of the Simon Fraser University Alumni Association, director with Big Brothers of the Lower Mainland, director with the Investment Agriculture Foundation, as well as founder and director of Operators Without Borders. 

Kalpna works with a fabulous team and board of directors, and enjoys going to work every day!