Bob Purdy

Bob Purdy

Director ,
Fraser Basin Council

Bob is a member of the senior leadership team at the Fraser Basin Council, a unique not-for-profit organization that excels in advancing multi-interest collaboration towards sustainability throughout BC and beyond.

Prior to joining the Council in 1999, Bob spent over 20 years as a senior executive in the private sector, including his most recent role as Vice President of Marketing for ESSA Technologies, a Vancouver-based consulting firm and developer of GIS-enabled expert systems for environmental impact assessment.

In the early 1990’s Bob earned his stripes as a skilled facilitator by building ‘unlikely coalitions’ among naturalist clubs, local governments, indigenous people and developers through the Federation of BC Naturalists’ Land for Nature project.  With Bob’s help, these coalitions built the trust, relationships and shared understanding needed to ensure that Environmentally Sensitive Areas were identified and protected in Official Community Plans –  which was a relatively novel concept at that time.

During his tenure at the Council, Bob has led over 50 domestic and international collaborative projects, from helping Canada’s mining sector adapt to the near-term impacts of climate change to facilitating voluntary efforts by the commercial shipping industry to reduce the impacts of underwater noise on endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales in the Salish Sea.

Bob is a graduate from the Honours Zoology program at UBC, where his thesis research enhanced scientific understanding of why and how the rufous hummingbird – a migratory species that comes to BC in early spring – dynamically exploits microclimates to conserve energy.