2018 Exhibitors

2018’s exhibitors include:

  • Bi Pure Water
  • Campbell Scientific
  • Enviroquest
  • Lucity
  • Master of Engineering Leadership
  • University of British Columbia
  • Water Matrix
  • Waterlution
  • WaterTap
  • Associations:
    • BC Water and Waste Association
    • Canadian Water Network
    • Canadian Water Resources Association
    • Canadian Water and Wastewater Association
    • Environmental Operators Certification Program
    • Environmental Services Association of Alberta

Only a few spots left!

Display your water knowledge, brand, or tech to key players in the national water industry. A great opportunity to network and communicate the disruptions you’re bringing to Canada’s blue economy.

For more information or to secure your space at the 2018 Summit, please contact Jane Buckland at 416-444-5842 x115 or jane@actualmedia.ca.