Downstream Niagara Falls 2023

in partnership with CWWA's 2023 National Water and Wastewater Conference

Downstream Niagara Falls | November 15, 2023

If you missed Downstream Niagara 2023, here’s the inside scoop:

In partnership with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, Downstream Niagara was held alongside the 2023 National Water and Wastewater Conference. Against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, attendees were invited to connect with and learn from industry experts—a perfect opportunity to build personal connections in a relaxed environment.

In a series of roundtable discussions, attendees engaged in conversations with experts in various fields such as stormwater mitigation, drinking water, and water industry innovations. It was a chance to get direct, practical advice on a wide array of topics, from professional development to exploring career opportunities in less-served communities.

Cookies, coffee, and a laid-back atmosphere gave attendees the opportunity to engage in friendly discussions, share a few laughs, and make the most of this networking opportunity.

There were smiles all around as professionals and newcomers alike shared insights and experiences, with many using the chance to grow their professional networks. As the event came to a close, contact information was exchanged, and plans for future collaboration were sparked.

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