Downstream Cornwall

Downstream Cornwall | October 26, 2023

in partnership with River Institute’s 2023 River Symposium

If you weren’t at Downstream Cornwall, here’s what you missed:

Held in partnership with the River Institute’s River Symposium, Downstream Cornwall was an engaging event that gave both high school and post-secondary students an inside look into the world of water conservation and management.

Attendees mingled over hot chocolate and doughnuts and built a strong knowledge base through 20-minute micro sessions where students had the opportunity to dive into meaningful conversations with experts from the water industry.

From talking about wastewater treatment innovations to discussing career paths in water conservation, the day was all about building bridges—between disciplines, between students and professionals, and between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s solutions.

As the event wrapped up, participants were busy exchanging contact information, connecting on LinkedIn, and planning their next moves. In short, Downstream Cornwall was more than just an event; it was a launchpad for the next generation of water industry professionals.

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