2015 Canadian Water Summit Archive


On June 25, 2015, leaders from business, government, NGOs and academia gathered at the 6th Annual Canadian Water Summit in Vancouver to explore the energy of water. Attendees heard about new developments and ideas concerning the water-energy nexus, water technology hubs, public attitudes towards water, watershed and land intersections, and industrial water-food and beverage connections.

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Morning Panel - Water Clusters: Building Capacity through Collaboration

Peter Gallant
Hein Molenkamp - Water Technology: An Innovative Dutch Approach
Bryan Stubbs - Fostering Economic Development and Innovation through Northeast Ohio's freshwater assets

Plenary Q&A Panel

Margaret Catley-Carlson - Nexus: A Story in 6 Pictures
Stephanie Smith - Water-Energy Nexus: Energy Perspective
Nick Reid - Drivers of Efficiency in the Water Energy Nexus

Breakout Session 1.1: Water - Energy Nexus

James Fotouhi - Energy Water Nexus: Resource Industries
Matt Horne - LNG and Shale Gas: Choices for development and the implications for water resources in northeast B.C.
Matt Kennedy - Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
Deborah Harford - The Water-Energy Nexus in a Changing Climate

Breakout Session 1.2: Water - Land Nexus

Ted van der Gulik - Water - Land Nexus: The Fraser River and Agriculture
Jordan Point - Water-Land Nexus: Fraser River Basin

Breakout Session 1.3: Evolution of the Water-Fodd Nexus

Eric Meliton - Partners in Project Green: Driving Sustainability Action & Innovation
Linda Delli Santi - Greenhouse Vegetables and Water Conservation
Andres Palma - Molson Coors: Our Approach to Water Stewardship

Closing Plenary Panel: Water - Social Nexus

Robert Haller - CWWA: THE National Voice of the Water and Wastewater Industry
Ingrid Stefanovic - Closing Plenary Panel: Water - Social Nexus
James Snider - WWF-Canada Watershed Reports


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